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roofing repair oklahoma city

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Roofing Repair Oklahoma City

We at Jupiter Roofing and Exteriors have replaced and repaired hundreds of roofs all over Oklahoma City and its surrounding areas. We understand that your home or your business are the most valuable investment that you have and when it comes to repairing or replacing your roof you want the highest quality available. Keeping your assets protected by a strong and sturdy roof, preserves the value and safety of your home or business, and we are professional roofers who can do the job. When you have a roofing issue or an emergency roofing need that needs to be addressed, call us Oklahoma City roofing guys and we will get the job done right.

roofing repair oklahoma city

If you have noticed that your roof needs some repairs or that it looks like it's nearing the end of its life and needs to be replaced, call us. Our roofing repair Oklahoma City technicians are experienced and qualified to handle any type of roofing problem or material your project calls for. We customize our roofing solutions to meet the needs of each of our individual customers. Each structure and roof is different and needs personalized attention to meet its unique details and needs, and we tailor each project to our customers' situations. Replacing a roof is a big project and we make sure to help our clients feel as comfortable with the process as possible. We are able to repair any type of roof that you have with any type of material. If you are in need of some shingles being replaced or a leak fixed up we are the guys for the jobs. If you are needing a brand new roof replacement we work with all types of materials. Some of the materials that we work with are:

roofing repair oklahoma city
roofing repair oklahoma city
  • Asphalt composition shingles: These are cheap and popular but not always the most attractive option on the market.

  • Metal roofing: Metal roofs are made of steel or aluminum. They are durable and fireproof. They are more expensive but have a longer life span.

  • Wood shingles: Wood shingles are more expensive but more attractive. These types of shingles are also very durable.

  • Slate roofing: This high-end roofing material is pricier but extremely attractive in looks. Slate roofing is a great choice for those looking for more luxurious materials. 

  • Clay & Ceramic tile: This is also known as the Spanish style of roofing. These tiles are essentially cylinders cut in half length wise.

  • Composition slate: These slates are made from ninety-five percent recycled materials. It closely resembles slate and stone tile but is much lighter. They are also less susceptible to damage.

If you are looking for a roof replacement, call us, the Oklahoma roofing company today. We can replace your roof for a fair and competitive price and get you the new roof you have been needing. We will also take care of any types of repairs that you may need on your roof. Our roof technicians do great free inspections and estimates to make sure that you are comfortable with everything that needs to be done on your roof. Everybody should have a safe and secure and reliable roof over their heads, whether it be their home or their business. Call us today or fill out our form for a free quote.

We also offer emergency roof repairs from storm damage!

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