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oklahoma city roofing

New Constructions

New Construction Oklahoma Roofing

oklahoma roofing

Building a new house or office building is a big project and you definitely want the right Oklahoma City roofing contractors to build the roof. We have been serving Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas like Norman for many years and have been involved in numerous new construction projects for residential homes and commercial needs. As a result of our expertise, Oklahoma City knows they can count on Jupiter Roofing & Exteriors for a higher level of quality roofing and customer service. All of our roofing projects are unique to the particular project you have. We believe in customer satisfaction and providing secure, well-built and expertly installed roofs. Our key points in every project that we execute are:

  • Committed to planning your project thoroughly

  • Executing quality work with quality products

  • Strong communication from you to our Oklahoma roofing technicians

  • Prioritizing job-site safety

  • Ensure proper installation

We make sure to prioritize job site safety throughout the entire project from start to finish. We provide proper personalized safety equipment for each job-site from hard hats to harnesses. We don't rely on ladders and instead use scaffolding which is safer and more efficient than ladders. We are always looking to improve employee safety and prevent any injuries. 

oklahoma city roofing

We understand that every new construction has a deadline and strict timeline of when a project needs to be done. We help home builders deliver on time and on budget. We know that looking for roofing companies in OKC can be a hassle and trying to find the right fit for your project is not always easy. We can assure you that we will be the best option for new construction. We communicate quickly and efficiently, as well as delivering top notch roofing installations with the highest quality products in the roofing industry. We do everything from a new construction project that involves hundreds of homes, to one custom roof that requires special attention with unique detail. We offer reliable energy efficient roofing materials as a lot of home owners and business owners are making the decision to have eco-friendly roofing. We work with any material that is wanted for the project, from asphalt tiles to metal roofs. We give home builders and homeowners peace of mind that the roof they have is sturdy, secure, and expertly installed. Your project will be assigned to one of our roofing technicians so that you have a single point of contact throughout the entire process from start to finish, making your life stress-free and far more simple. We also do a final walk through inspection to make sure the roof is completely free from defects and is installed properly to your standards. We are longtime local roofers that love living in OKC and providing safe and secure roofs to our neighbors. We are the Oklahoma roofing company to hire for all of your new construction roofing needs. Call us today or fill out our form to get a free quote and we can start your project and get you the safe roof that you are looking for. 

oklahoma city roofing
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