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Roofing Norman Ok

Norman Oklahoma Roofing Services

We are a premiere roofing contractor in Norman Oklahoma. We specialize in residential and commercial roofing services. We are known for our dedicated and professional customer service, and top quality materials used. At Jupiter Roofing & Exteriors we promise to give you a well-done, quick and professional solution to all of your roofing needs. If you are looking for a trustworthy Oklahoma roofing company we are your team. Some of the services we provide are:

If you are in need of emergency roof repair Norman OK, call our expert team today and we can come take a look at your problem and help solve it quickly and efficiently for you. Our team is highly professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy. Our prices are competitive and affordable so that you don't have to break the bank when trying to keep a roof over your head. We started this company with a passion for helping our community with a need we felt needed to be met. We love what we do and love being able to help our community in Norman Oklahoma with their Norman roof repair. Call us today for a free estimate and inspection so that you can rest assured your roof is in great shape. And if it’s not, we got you covered. Literally. Let us help you with any of your roofing or exterior home needs. We do seamless gutter Norman installations, painting and siding for the exterior of your home, as well as roof installations.

roofing Norman OK

Are you in need of emergency roof repairs? Our team can help!

Weather Damage Roofing Services

roofing Norman OK

There’s nothing worse than a storm creating a leaky roof or busted gutters. If you are a victim of weather damage to your roof, call our team here at Jupiter Roofing & Exteriors. We are the number one roofing Norman OK company. Hail storms are notorious for creating roof damage and if you have an emergency, our team can come out quickly to assist you.


We also help with rain and snow damage and severe wind damage to roofs. Over time, consistent snow and rain to a roof can create a lot of damage and problems that will need to be addressed. It’s extremely important for an expert roofer to come out and do routine maintenance and inspections to ensure that your roof is in top condition and can weather any storm. If not, it can lead to costly repairs that could ultimately force you to replace the entire roof.

It’s also important to have a professional come out before big storms to make sure that your roof can withstand what is to come. Unfortunately a lot of problems don’t arise until it’s too late and you have a huge leak in your roof. Routine maintenance is key to a strong roof. Call our team today if you think you have weather damage to your roof or if you want to maintain your roof before a big storm. Our Norman OK roofing team is more than willing to assist you.

Why Choose Us

At Jupiter Roofing and Exteriors, we are built on trust and accountability. We make sure to give you honest estimates and inspections so that you aren’t paying for more than you need. We are a company built on service and love being able to serve our community here in Norman Oklahoma. We are known for our high quality customer service and are quick to respond to your phone calls and emails. We only use the highest quality equipment and ensure that our team is well versed and trained in all roofing and exterior services so that you can always count on high quality results. Call us today for all of your Norman OK roofing repair needs.

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